Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please read the given information carefully, if you have additional questions write to us in the online chat or email or call us at the office number

Delivery service in Tbilisi on the same day, Delivery outside the city is carried out through the company DLH, A maximum of two working days. Transportation to Batumi is carried out by our personal courier

Buying from us is very easy and safe, you place an order, choose a courier service or come to the store, and pay after activating and checking the product.

bank transfer

TBC BANK: GE03TB7332545064300045

BANK OF GEORGIA: GE16BG0000000101021560


CREDO BANK: GE52CD0360000036421282



Crypto Wallet: TW9gZVMbsqAGLMmYRTsB6eZTg19tT6p5AM

BINANCE: ID: 436442465
You can pay in cash in store,
If you choose a delivery service, after checking the goods, you can transfer the money on our bank wallet or to the courier in cash.
  • The product is subject to return/exchange if:
  • The design or characteristics of the product do not correspond to the technical specifications posted on the site;
  • The product has a manufacturing defect;
  • The product was damaged during transportation.
Replacement of goods or refund by Gaming-Laptops.ge can be carried out in all of the above cases by agreement with the client. However, please note that if the product retains all its functional characteristics, but minor visual defects in functionality are observed, in this case claims will not be considered.

If you are in Batumi, our courier will bring the order to your home, after checking the product, we will send you an invoice and you will make a transfer or give the money to the courier.

you will have a 3-day trial period, during this trial period you should not be visually damaged laptop, after three days you will have the usual warranty conditions. if in this 3 day there will be any factory defects we will make fuill refund

If the laptop has status NEW, this means that the laptop has never been turned on; the buyer activates it himself for the first time. The laptop will be in its original packaging in sealed box

Our laptops come with a 1-year international warranty. Also guaranteed by our service center. In addition to the warranty period, you will also have a 3-day trial period.


Warranty terms will be serviced by authorized licensed service centers in Tbilisi, Tech Point and F1.


There are also official service centers in Tbilisi: ASUS, LENOVO.

Our laptops come pre-installed with Windows from the manufacturer. There is a lifetime license.

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