Compressed Air Duster & Mini Vacuum laptop and PC Cleaner 3-in-1

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Compressed Air Duster & Mini Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner 3-in-1, New Generation Canned Air Spray, Portable Electric Air Can, Cordless Blower Computer Cleaning Kit

Rechargeable Air Duster/Vacuum Cleaner for Computer, Laptop, Interior Car Detailing, Desk Dusting


As an updated compressed air duster, theres no more air leaks. You can also use this air duster to blow the dust away from computers with higher efficiency compared to other compressed air can dusters. CORN keyboard cleaner adopted rechargeable battery and cordless free design which is portable for you to clean desk, laptop, pc, computer and so on.


Buying three kinds of different nozzles and mini brush at a time and say goodbye to disposable air cans from now on which can saves you lots of money. 3-in-1 multifunctional design with nice price makes this keyboard cleaner become perfect gift for your friends or family members.


This cordless air duster has three different nozzles, one for blower mode, one for vacuum mode and another one for food sealer mode. If your computer, sewing machines or other accessories dwells stubborn dust particles, you can clean them quickly and effectively by keyboard vacuum without much hassle.

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