(2023) Steam deck Oled 512GB

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  • Condition: New, Factory Selaed box
  • Brand: Valve
  • Model: Steam deck Oled (2023)
  • OS: Linux
  • Storage: 512GB
  • Country: From USA
2050 ₾
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 OLED screen featuring a larger display, improved battery life, and faster WiFi—complemented by world-class ergonomics and an intuitive console-like experience. The Steam Deck's HDR OLED display is meticulously crafted for gaming, offering striking contrast, brilliant clarity, and an expansive picture. With enhanced colors, deeper blacks, and impeccable motion rendition, your gaming experience will be transformed. Play longer and download faster with the revamped internals of the Steam Deck OLED, now lighter and cooler.

Enhanced Gaming Experience:

Brighter Colors, Deeper Blacks: The HDR OLED display provides a more vibrant and immersive gaming experience with brighter colors and blacker blacks, showcasing your games in a New, Factory Selaed box light.

Improved Performance:

Extended Battery Life: The Steam Deck OLED boasts 30-50% more battery life, achieved by incorporating a larger battery and optimizing power consumption with the OLED display and an updated AMD APU.

Faster Downloads: Equipped with WiFi 6E, the Steam Deck OLED ensures up to 3 times faster downloads and lower latency, delivering a seamless online gaming experience.

Optimized Design:

Lighter and Cooler: Featuring a larger fan and updated thermals, the Steam Deck OLED runs cooler, and with a weight reduction of 30g (approximately 5%), it offers a more comfortable and portable gaming experience compared to the LCD model.

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